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The Borracho Life story really began 20 years ago when I moved to Wilbur street in San Diego California. Little did I know that my new neighbors would become life long friends. It didn't take long for us to start hanging out, we all had a lot in common...drinking, watching any sport and making fun of each other. My second summer on Wilbur St. two old Irish buddy's came to visit. While hanging with my new neighbor friends, having some beers they suggested we  start a neighborhood club because of our banter. We thought that was the best dumb idea and proceeded to think of a club name. The Irish guys suggested the "Irish Republicans" and we some how came up with "Wilbur Street Borrachos". The club name would be decided by a spirited game of Rochambeau. The Borrachos thankfully prevailed and started our club of 5 - Steve "Presidente", Chris, Dave, Pete and myself. The club grew mainly with other buddy's of ours and the induction ceremony was every year on Fourth of July during our annual Wilbur Street Borracho Party. Every member would receive a shirt, a mug and a lot of free beer!

Fast forward to 2018, the Wilbur Street Borrachos are 19 strong and we are now hosting a very large 4th of July party. Things are going great with the club and life long friendships are solidified. The Wilbur St Borracho President Steve and his wife Maggie invite a friend Jamie and myself to bowl in a summer league. We eagerly join and we name the team the "Bowling Borrachos". I must admit that our bowling team sucked but we always had fun and enjoyed the drinking aspect of the sport. The only team we beat in league quit mid season.

In 2019, the Bowling Borrachos bowled in the National Championships in Las Vegas, that's no joke. Now I know I said we sucked but the great thing about the Nationals is you don't have to be good you just have to pay to bowl! It was an amazing experience and we had loads of fun. A few months after bowling in the nationals and after league had ended I was looking at some Vegas bowling photos. I started imagining what a "Bowling Borracho" could look like. He would be holding his ball in one hand and a bottle of alcohol in the other looking disheveled about to fall over. It made me laugh. Ideas for other funny drunk characters quickly flooded my mind...a responsible drunk, a Patriotic drunk, a surfing drunk and on it went. I was an Uber driver at the time and I found myself laughing at random moments while driving.  The characters were coming so fast that I started writing them down. I realized that I was creating my own little community of Borrachos. I wrote "Borracho Life" at the top of my list, since this was the world of Borrachos. The thought was to make shirts for my buddy's in the club, each character would represent each one of them. Presedente would be the Golfing Borracho, Chris Baseball Borracho. It than occurred to me that I could make the shirts available to anyone who found them funny.

Early 2020 I purchased "" but was struggling to find time to actually create the images of my drunks. Than the nightmare of Coronavirus and all the crap it handed us hits. Like so many of us I was given a whole lot of time and I knew exactly what to do. I worked diligently creating the images of my Borrachos.

Borracho Life celebrates the drinker and doer in all of us! I hope you identify with one or many of my characters. Our shirts are made of high quality soft cotton and the double-stitched neckline and sleeves give it more durability, so it can become an everyday favorite. The shirts are just the start, pint glasses, coolers, bottle openers and so much more will be on the site soon.  I sincerely thank you for your interest and your potential purchase. All the best and stay safe!

I want to give thanks to those friends and family members that have helped along the way. 

Mom and dad, my brothers Dan, Art and Robert and their family's.

My girlfriend Jamie, my friends Steve and Maggie, Chris and Dawna, the Dave's, Chip and all the Wilbur Street Borrachos!

Borracho Life
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